With two decades of experience, we put customer education and satisfaction first, Seal‑A-Drive is a name that stands for integrity.

Quality Work

Seal-A-Drive uses only highest quality products, with utmost detail following industry best standards work is done right the first time.


We guarantee all our work, with unmatched warranties and a portfolio of satisfied customers across Ontario, Seal-A-Drive is your top choice.

Asphalt cracking starts small but is one of the largest threats to your asphalt. A vital step in extending the life of your asphalt is sealing cracks in the early stages.

• Crack Cleaning & Heat Lancing
• Hot Pour Rubberized Treatment
• Asphalt Crack Injection

Crack Filling

Freshly painted pavement markings will enhance the overall appearance of your business and keep traffic flowing smoothly.

• Parking Lot Line Painting
• Re-Striping & New Layouts
• Asphalt Marking & Stenciling
• Traffic Management
• Parking Optimization

Line Striping

Asphalt repairs can greatly extend the life of your asphalt without the hassle and costly expense of repaving or resurfacing.

• Infrared Heat Patch Work
• Garage Ramp & Lip Repairs
• Catch Basin Repairs
• Sunken Asphalt & Potholes
• Oil Stain Treatment

Asphalt Repair

Enhance the appearance of your property while protecting and extending the life of your investment with regular pavement sealing.

• Professional Driveway Sealing
• Parking Lot Asphalt Sealing
• Liquid Asphalt Sealer
• Oil Based Black Top

Seal Coating

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I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Seal-A-Drive is fantastic. Our working relationship over the years has been highly impressive. Staff has been courteous, polite and reliable and work has been completed quickly and efficiently. We will continue to use Seal-A-Drive for all of our asphalt maintenance needs.

Kimberly Tamarit – Warranty Service Manager – Campanale Homes

Seal A Drive is the number one driveway sealing service in the Ottawa area. We provide services such as asphalt sealing, asphalt crack filling, pothole repair, infrared heat patch work, garage ramp and lip repair, oil stain treatment, and much more. We guarantee our work and use the highest quality materials to ensure our customers are satisfied. We have just over two decades of experience with driveway sealing in eastern Ontario and many happy residential and commercial clients as a result.

So why is sealing your asphalt so important? With the harsh Ottawa winters your asphalt loses the oils that it needs to stay strong. Without treatment, it will become brittle and more susceptible to cracking and pitting. Sealing your driveway, parking lot, or any asphalt surface will add the natural oils back to the asphalt which is essential for pliability as it will expand and contract during temperature changes. Our asphalt sealing will ensure that your pavement will stay supple and healthy, and more importantly save you having to resurface.

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