Saving the Environment

Seal-A-Drive is committed to environmental leadership in all our business operations. We make every effort to build an eco-friendly company by reducing, reusing and recycling. All waste from company operations, when possible, is recycled. Any hazardous or potentially hazardous materials are disposed of in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheets and Canadian environmental standards. We evaluated all the products we use for their environmental impact. As our company grows, practicing and spreading environmental awareness is at the core of our values. Also, our services help the earth by reducing the need for complete pavement replacement. By following our pavement maintenance recommendations early on, you can effectively decrease the pollution and environmental impact of re-paving and reduce our dependence on crude oil.

Saving You Money:

Seal-A-Drive is not only committed to providing value-packed, competitively- priced services but we are dedicated to saving you money and maximizing the return on your pavement investment. Our services can effectively double the life of your asphalt and help avoid expensive replacement costs. Our company is also committed to helping you eliminate liability risks and hazards, which could prevent lawsuits and help keep insurance premiums low.

Our services can even assist you by attracting customers to your business and holding property value for residential property. By making your exterior parking lots of retail locations, commercial areas and offices more attractive to potential customers, you can increase customer interest, sales and satisfaction. Maintaining your asphalt and keeping your property looking sharp will also help you increase the appeal and selling price of your home or property.


Professional Asphalt Paving & Repairs. Parking Lot Line Painting & Marking. Crack Filling. Pothole & Manhole Repairs. Power Sweeping. Driveway Sealing. We stand by our Quality!