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while increasing your property’s resale value

Curb Appeal

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Seal-A-Drive uses only the highest quality industry leading products on all our jobs


Residential Asphalt Sealing

WHY SHOULD SEALCOAT? Why should you sealcoat? Having your asphalt professionally sealed will extend the life of your asphalt and create an amazing curb appeal. Sealcoating protects against oxidization and adds the natural oils back to the asphalt in order to maintain the composition and structural integrity. Sealcoating your asphalt also helps your driveway resist chemical spills such as gas, antifreeze and oil leaks which break down the asphalts structural bonds. Sealed asphalt will enhance the appearance of your property while also protecting your investment and provide your property with competitive resale value. Sealcoating in conjunction with crack repair is guaranteed to significantly extend the life of your asphalt investment while reducing your long-term asphalt maintenance costs. LEFT UNTREATED Asphalt oxides over time, which makes it lose its natural oils and become brittle. With harsh Canadian winters, brittle asphalt is susceptible to cracking and pitting. Sealcoating adds the natural oils back to the asphalt, which is needed for its pliability to be able to expand and contract with the changing seasons and protect against harmful sunrays. SEAL-A-DRIVE USES: A premium quality 100 percent oil/tar based sealer called Blackmac, bought directly from McAsphalt Industries, a leading supplier of asphalt based products. Only Blackmac oil based sealer will protect your asphalt as it is manufactured with bitumen, the same organic semi-solid matter used to make asphalt. Do not settle for cheap water-based acrylic paints, sold by department stores and sprayed by some contractors. These products can actually increase the damage as well as your long-term costs. When it comes to protecting your asphalt, Blackmac is the only option. THE PROCESS Our sealcoat maintenance process includes cleaning the asphalt in preparation for an evenly sprayed application of sealer. The perimeter of the asphalt is trimmed of vegetation and then the asphalt is power swept and blown clean of dirt and debris. Oil and gas stains are pretreated with spot primer in order to ensure proper adhesion. If crack repair is required they are filled before the sealing. For residential asphalt sealcoating jobs, we include 15 feet of crack filling with each job. All bricks, interlock walkways and exterior walls of the buildings are boarded to ensure perfect application with flawless trim. The asphalt is then sealed off with caution tape for the over night drying process. Your asphalt is ready the next day. FREE ANALYSIS Seal-A-Drive will provide an assessment that outlines what needs to be done, what it will cost, and more importantly how much it can save you.


Crack Treatment

WHY CRACK FILL Asphalt cracking starts small but is one of the largest threats to your asphalt. A vital step in extending the life of your asphalt is sealing cracks in the early stages. Sealing cracks eliminates water penetration, which is the most common cause of premature asphalt deterioration. Our residential crack filler is strong enough to retain a seal but flexible enough to expand and contract with the seasons. With customer satisfaction as our top priority, we provide crack filling at an affordable price to help avoid costly asphalt replacement. LEFT UNTREATED Untreated cracks grow over time and can eventually develop into potholes. Cracks allow moisture to penetrate the pavement base, weakening the structural integrity during seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. In the summer, weeds and grass can take root in untreated cracks and cause further damage to your asphalt. WE USE Seal-A-Drive uses premium Flexmaster® crack filler, an elastomeric polymer modified asphalt emulsion designed for cracks up to a half inch wide. Manufactured by SealMaster®, the rubberized crack filler is pliable to expand and contract with the seasons. Flexmaster® is designed to eliminate moisture and water penetration into your asphalt base. Cold-pour crack-sealing products, such as Flexmaster®, are ideal for small projects that do not require extensive crack repair work. We typically use these products on newer residential driveways with minor cracking. THE PROCESS Using power blowers, wire brushes and brooms, we professionally clean and prepare your asphalt cracks to ensure proper application of Flexmaster®. Our product is applied by hand directly into the asphalt fractures creating a flexible seal with the existing crack walls and surrounding pavement surface. After the injection is applied, it is blended to ensure a seamless adhesion. FREE ANALYSIS Seal-A-Drive will provide an assessment of your asphalt cracking damage that outlines what needs to be done, what it will cost, and more importantly how much it can save you.


Asphalt Repairs

- Garage Lip/Ramp Repairs
- Asphalt Cut Outs
- Catch Basin/Manhole Repairs
- Asphalt Overlays
- Oil Stain Treatment
- Pothole Filling
- Speed Bump Install
- Infrared Heat Patching
- Hot Pour Crack Filling
WHY REPAIR Asphalt repairs can greatly extend the life of your asphalt without the hassle and costly expense of repaving or resurfacing. Whether you have potholes, sunken asphalt, poor water drainage, excessive cracking or oil stain damage, Seal-A-Drive provides simple asphalt solutions. LEFT UNTREATED Asphalt problems are not just an eyesore but can also create liabilities for you and your home. Your vehicles can get damaged from potholes and sunken asphalt at your garage entrance. Building and property damage can also occur if water is allowed to accumulate near your foundation as a result of sunken asphalt. WE USE Only top quality asphalt from Lafarge a local manufacture, and we always use the proper grade to ensure durability and fine finish. To ensure the old and new asphalt bind together, we use a RS-1 glue which is an industrial binding agent produced by McAsphalt Industries®, an Ontario manufacturer and leading supplier of various asphalt products. THE PROCESS Asphalt repairs vary depending on the circumstance. The asphalt can be cut out, overlaid, or heated with an infrared heat machine and new asphalt added. A free analysis can be completed for you in order to select the best option that suits your needs. FREE ANALYSIS Seal-A-Drive will provide an assessment of your asphalt damage that outlines what needs to be done, what it will cost, and more importantly how much it can save you.