3 Reasons to Get Pothole Repairs Ottawa During Spring Season

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After the dreary winter comes spring, a season of warm temperatures and longer days. Spring is also the best season to get some cleaning and repair work done, especially the ones that you delayed due to the harsh winter. One of these things is getting pothole repairs Ottawa services from a reputable company in the region. 

Pothole Repairs Ottawa
Pothole Repairs Ottawa

At Seal-A-Drive, we provide high-quality and professional pothole repairs Ottawa to residential and commercial properties. We understand the urgency of repairing potholes to ensure a striking curb appeal and increase the overall value of the property. We consider spring to be the best season to get repairs on your pavement, driveways, and more. 

Here’s why our experts think spring is the perfect season to begin repair work. 

  • Warm Temperatures

When we work with asphalt to fill the potholes, it is maintained at a higher temperature in a heated truck before pouring. Higher temperatures ensure the asphalt is easy to pour, spread, and level. In spring, the surrounding temperature is also warmer, helping the process of pouring, spreading, and levelling the asphalt effectively. Hence, spring is our favourite season to work with asphalt for pothole repairs Ottawa.

  • Winter damage repair

The winter season is harsh on asphalt pavement and other structures. The freezing temperatures, cold rain, and freeze-thaw cycle of the ice can cause major damage to asphalt structures, such as cracks. The damage can be worse than you can imagine or see. Hence, it is always suggested to call us for pothole repairs Ottawa services immediately as soon as spring starts. This can help you repair the winter damage immediately, avoiding any further damage. 

  • Spring Rain

Now, ideally, when working with asphalt, you want the weather to be clear and dry. However, the spring season also experiences rain. But the spring rain is not as forceful, harsh, or freezing as the winter rain. The spring rain is still warm and makes the temperature warmer. In such a situation, the professional can work and repair the potholes using asphalt. Hence, if you want to repair potholes or any asphalt damage to the pavement, driveway, or any such structures, spring is the best season to call the professional. 

Pothole Repairs Ottawa
Pothole Repairs Ottawa

If you have been already looking for a company to provide your pothole repairs Ottawa services, call us at Seal-A-Drive right away. We are a leading company in the region providing asphalt repairs for driveways, walkways, pavements, and more such structures. Call our team now to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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