Between the Lines: The Importance of Parking Lot Line Striping

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Between the Lines: The Importance of Parking Lot Line Striping

AThe purpose of line striping is to create an orderly environment in which traffic can flow efficiently and customers can find parking easily. Beyond these pragmatic considerations, line striping can also give your lot a sharp look, creating a sense of symmetry and precision that customers and employees alike find attractive. Because disorder is always unattractive, the first step in drawing customers into your business is to ensure that your parking lot looks its best. This blog will discuss this and other benefits of line striping.

Creating a Safe Environment:

Safety should always come first. Proper line striping will allow you to clearly designate parking spaces, create safe areas for foot traffic, and dedicate spaces closest to the business to those with disability permits. Some businesses may also benefit from painted arrows to direct the flow of traffic as well as clearly demarcated exit/entrance signs. These provisions will help prevent collisions between cars, keep pedestrians safe, and give those with disabilities ease of access to your business.

Maximizing Parking Spaces

While adhering to all municipal rules and regulations, it is important to maximize the parking space that you have to allow more customers to access your business. When lines are absent or so faded that they are difficult to see, customers may park their vehicles in ways that block access to adjacent spaces. Customers who are unable to find a proper space may then drive away in frustration. In order to benefit both you and your customers, parking spaces should be clearly demarcated with proper line striping.

Providing Curb Appeal

You have surely heard it said that beauty is on the inside. While that is true, when it comes to your business, it should be on the outside as well. Customers who see an orderly parking lot with bright lines and smooth black top will assume that the business owner cares about their safety, comfort, and the impression that they take away. Like an advertisement, the sharp appearance of your lot will even entice potential customers driving by!

Complying with AODA Regulations

Proper line striping is not always a simple matter of choice. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities ACT (AODA) stipulates that every person has the right to access businesses, including being provided with adequate parking options. Spaces dedicated to people with disabilities must be highly visible in order to comply with municipal and provincial by laws.    

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