Steps to Keeping your Parking Lot Safe & Functional

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Steps to Keeping your Parking Lot Safe & Functional

An ideal parking lot is one in which vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow with ease, parking is made easy, and the safety of everyone’s property and person is ensured. Unfortunately, life can get in the way of this ideal. Accidents between vehicles, collisions with pedestrians, theft, and damage to property are some of the things that a parking lot owner must anticipate and mitigate against. The best way to do so is to hire a reputable asphalt parking lot contractor who will help you ensure the safety of your clients and employees, reduce liabilities, and contribute to the overall success of your business. Here are some of the steps that Seal-A-Drive will take to make your parking lot safe.

Add Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs:

If your customers are unable to read the signs that direct them in the proper use of your lot, either because they are absent or faded, their safety will be compromised. Signs to control the speed and direction of vehicles will minimize the potential for accidents. Signs explaining security measures and safety precautions will give your customers peace of mind that their well being and that of their property is secured. The overall effect will be to reduce liability issues and create a positive and safe environment for your customers.

Pave the Way:

When it comes to paving, safety should be your first priority. Cracks, potholes, and large puddles can lead to incidents resulting in injury or liability. Proper sealing and repair by a parking lot contractor will eliminate these unwanted possibilities. With increased safety comes curb appeal. Clients and employees will feel valued and want to return to your business.

Let There Be Light:

Proper lighting is essential to the safety and  attractiveness of your business. Not only will it reduce the likelihood of criminal activity such as theft and vandalism, but it will also tell customers that you are open for business and create a welcoming environment for them. This is especially necessary in the long Canadian winters when business hours outlast daylight and customers would otherwise be left in the dark.

Calm Down (the Traffic):

Unfortunately, not everyone can be relied upon to drive at the slow speeds that will keep everyone in your parking lot safe. Some may require further incentive. For them, speed humps, bumps, or other speed-reducing measures may be necessary. These devices force drivers to slow down and maintain speeds that will prevent damage to their vehicles and accidents from occurring.

Inspect for Damage:

In is important to regularly inspect your parking lot. Check to ensure that your pavement is in good shape, that your lighting and signage is still in place, that traffic is able to flow according to the markers you have provided. Damage can easily occur from natural processes as well as human error. Therefore, it is important to be aware in order to mitigate against any safety or security risks that may have developed. The last thing you want is to hear about it from a customer who has just tripped in your lot!

Install Cameras:

Commercial lots should have 24/7 video surveillance. This allows clients to feel safe, deters criminal activity, and ensures that a record is kept of any incident occurring on the property.

Use Lot Lines:

Much like signs, parking lot lines ensure that your parking lot functions in an orderly manner. Whether we are talking about arrows directing the flow of traffic or lines demarcating parking spaces, the use of lines will reduce the likelihood of accidents and create an accessible and easy-to-navigate space for your customers. 

Control Access:

While some lots include a booth and mechanical arm controlling access, others don’t have this advantage. There are, however, other methods to restrict access including guard rails and other forms of barrier. These can help limit access to permitted individuals only and thereby reduce the potential for various forms of criminal activity.

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