Spring: Pothole Season

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Spring: Pothole Season

Spring is a time of many changes: the days get longer, the temperature rises, flowers start to bloom. Along with these more desirable signs of spring’s arrival is one that no driver can hope to miss (pun intended): potholes.

Over winter, moisture within the pavement of parking lots and roadways freezes, causing the pavement to expand. With the spring thaw, contraction occurs, causing cracks in the surface of your lot which may eventually turn into potholes. As potholes pose a significant risk to vehicles and pedestrians, it is advised to have them filled as soon as possible.

Dealing with Your Pothole Problem:

While it is possible to fill potholes throughout the winter months, it is advisable to wait until spring. Otherwise, you might be applying a very temporary fix. As winter temperatures and conditions remain, the process of expansion and contraction that causes potholes may lead to further damage and even reverse any winter repair work.

Despite their gaping appearance, potholes are quite easy to fix. A contractor will fill the pothole with asphalt or concrete, pack it down, and use a cap to seal it. When dealing with widespread damage, however, a more in-depth removal of the affected area may be necessary.

If you notice any potholes forming on your lot, mark them off with a pylon and contact your pavement maintenance contractor. By clearly demarcating damaged areas of your lot prior to spring repair, you will reduce the likelihood of injury for your customers as well as your own liability in the event of such injury. As soon as the weather permits it, your contractor will fill your potholes and make your parking safe for all who use it.

Seal-A-Drive Pavement Maintenance Inc. is an affordable and trustworthy choice for all your pavement repair work. Our team of well-trained and experienced professionals will fill your potholes and rejuvenate your lot in an efficient and timely manner with little to no disruption to your business. Spring forward into action by calling us today!

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