A Post-Sealcoating To-Do List

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A Post-Sealcoating To-Do List

Stay Off the Treated Area:

Before you use your parking lot, or open it up to the public, be sure that you have given the sealcoat time to dry and cure properly. The time necessary for this process will depend on the temperature. On hotter days (15+ ̊ C), 24 hours will be sufficient, while during cooler periods (7-10 ̊ C), 36 to 48 hours will be necessary. After you have waited the recommended time span, you can open your lot up safely.
Block Off Your Lot:

Before and after the sealcoating process, you will want your parking lot to be cordoned off. For this, you can use pylons, tape, or any form of barrier that will prevent people from driving or walking onto it. This will allow your lot to be kept clean during the application process and prevent it from incurring damage while the sealcoat cures.

Refresh Parking Lot Lines:

The sealcoat will cover any existing parking lines on your lots. Once the drying and curing process is complete, you will want to repaint the lines to allow for optimal traffic flow. The fresh sealcoat contrasted with the fresh paint will give your lot a lively look that customers will appreciate.

Continue to Check for Cracks:

Cracks in asphalt will invariably occur. It is important to stay on top of these so things like potholes don’t form and moisture does not penetrate deep into the foundation of your lot, causing larger structural damage. With daily vehicle and pedestrian traffic, the asphalt of your lot takes a lot of abuse (no pun intended). While sealcoating will form a protective barrier, it is still necessary to be vigilant about the health of your parking lot.

Remove Any Stains:

Since your parking lot is primarily used by vehicles, it will receive its fair share of stains from things like oil, gas, and all the other fluid types that are the life blood of those vehicles, even after a top-rated sealcoat has been applied. Luckily, there are a variety of degreasing agents on the market that will allow you to remove these stains quite easily.

Winterize Your Lot:

During the winter months, it is best not to use de-icer materials that have the potential to damage the sealcoat. Instead, use sand on icy patches. It will give the needed traction to drivers and pedestrians and will not cause the sealcoating material to break down.

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